COVID-19 Update

Integrity Document Services will continue to provide service, by e-mail and fax, to our community during this difficult time.
Just call (530) 410-6844 or email: for assistance.
Last updated: 4/7/2020

About Integrity Document Services

Who are we?

Our staff of Legal Document Assistants (or LDAs), are experienced professionals who are authorized under California law to prepare legal documents for consumers, but only at the direction of the client. As registered and bonded LDAs, we are authorized and able to provide legal information, resources, and document preparation services to any consumer who is handling his or her own legal matter. We can help you prepare a large variety of legal documents. LDAs are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice or represent a client in court.

In order to serve the members of our community, we are committed to providing compassion, knowledge, and understanding to help eleviate the fear, stress, and worries that are a natural part of what people experience when maneuvering through the legal process. We believe every client deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

We have high regard for children, and value them as future members of our community. We are sensitive to the stress and impact that legal issues have on them. Therefore, we set a high priority on minimizing that impact, and maximizing what adults can do to help them through the process.

Legal Document Assistants, formerly known as independent paralegals, are licensed and bonded. We prepare documents without being required to work under an attorney and their fee schedule. Making us an affordable alternative to hiring an attorney. Some case types our office assists with are Divorce, Custody & Support, Guardianship, Name Change, and Small Claims.


Established in 2016, and founded by two former Shasta County Superior Court employees, Integrity Document Services was created to provide our community with knowledgeable, timely, and compassionate legal document assistance.

Meet the Business Owner

Jacqueline Greene

With over 8 years of experience at your local Superior Court in Shasta County, Jacqueline specializes in assisting those in our community with family law matters. She served in the Family Law Facilitator's Office for over 4 years and in the family law area of the Civil Division for over 2 years. This combined experience gives Jacqueline a unique understanding of both preparing documents for litigants and processing documents through the clerk's office.