Expert legal document preparation, notary, and more

If you need a helping hand with legal document preparation, filing, and other services – you’ve come to the right place.

As a "one stop shop", we prepare, file, and often serve your documents. Our services alleviate your need to take your own valuable time to run your documents through the legal maze -- legal document assistance's office, the courthouse, a process server or Sheriff's Office, etc. Once you come to us, you're usually done running around until your court date. We can help eliminate stress, anxiety, and exhaustion by doing the document preparation and running for you.

When filing paperwork with the court, there are many emotional or stressful elements that a person must consider. One of the main considerations when faced with legal matters is the cost. Integrity Document Services strives to provide an affordable alternative to hiring an attorney for your document preparation.

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Legal forms can be very confusing and overwhelming, even when using self-help books. Incomplete forms or an unclear understanding of the documents and process can delay your case. We can help you avoid the hassle and stress of completing forms on your own.

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About Us

We are Legal Document Assistants (LDA), and are licensed and bonded professionals who can assist individuals who are representing themselves in legal matters by ensuring that their papers are properly prepared, filed, and served.

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Integrity Document Services is not a law firm. We are not attorneys. We cannot represent you in court or advise you of your legal rights or the law. We can, however, assist you in the preparation of legal documents at your direction.